2017 Community Advocate: Kia Jarmon

Almost ten years ago, Nashville Community Education (then part of the Community Education Alliance) underwent a huge transformation. We transitioned from a department within Metro Nashville Public Schools into a department of the Metropolitan Nashville Government, becoming the Community Education Commission. Our leadership was forced to make some tough decisions including closing most of our locations in order to keep the program viable. Shortly after this time, Kia Jarmon of MEPR Agency was Kia Jarmon 1contracted to help rebrand Nashville Community Education. Through the hard work of our staff and her dedication, the program has been revived and is on a path of healthy regrowth.

While our relationship started as a professional agreement, we know that Kia’s commitment to seeing this program prosper has gone above and beyond any terms of contract. She actively seeks to promote us even outside of her business and has even taught a few classes in the past. She offers honest feedback that keeps kiaus moving in the right direction and savvy support that helps us get through some of our most stressful times. And she has always encouraged us to try new things, new ways of marketing and new ways of reaching our students. This blog wouldn’t even exist without her!

In the coming year our professional relationship will change as we hire a full-time Community Engagement Coordinator. However, we know that Kia’s support for our service to the citizens of this city will not waver. We look forward to a new relationship with Kia and MEPR and thank her for all of her hard work this year and in year’s past.

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