Final Blog Post – Sam Mabry

All I can really think to begin this with, is to describe how surprised I am to see that it’s already my final week at NCE. Surely six weeks cannot pass by this fast, but somehow I managed to let it happen. I have learned so much in these six weeks, spanning from how to… Continue reading Final Blog Post – Sam Mabry

Interviews and Personal Reflection – Sam Mabry

I’ve just been granted the opportunity to attend a live interview between one of our instructors and a news segment featured on channel 5! I cannot explain how excited I am to be able to have this opportunity, it’s truly invigorating! When I first began this job I knew very little about what “Communications” entitles… Continue reading Interviews and Personal Reflection – Sam Mabry

Preparation for Interviews – Sam Mabry

This week I began learning about the interview process and how to prepare for one! I’m very excited for my first one, which will be with our very own Lakeithea Anderson about her brand new class “Brand Storytelling Using Social Media”! For the last two weeks, I’ve been developing and shaping my concise writing skills,… Continue reading Preparation for Interviews – Sam Mabry