Jason Luntz Small Business Symposium Speaker

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Jason Luntz is a social media strategist that utilizes original content, multimedia projects,  and social networks to help organizations build an online presence.

He is currently the social media director for The Tennessee Tribune, a weekly newspaper  published in Nashville, TN. Jason is also an adjunct professor in the communication  department at Tennessee State University where he teaches Entrepreneurship, Public  Speaking, and Mass Communication.

Jason enjoys working with a variety of clients and handling their online and multimedia needs. This is done by creating dynamic websites, social network campaigns, as well as print, audio, and video stories.

Jason is leading the New Media Strategies session on April 11th.

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Build Your Business with NCE

By: Lovette Curry

Starting a small business takes a lot of guts!  You have to be a self-motivated and dedicated person with an idea that you think you can sell  You also have to be committed to working as hard (if not harder) for yourself than you would anyone else.  However, it takes more than just an idea and determination to make a business successful.  It requires accounting skills, marketing acumen, a branding strategy, great customer service, and a solid business plan that sets the vision for the entire organization.  Many people need training in at least one (usually more than one) of these areas for their business.  Nashville Community Education wanted to offer specific business training for entrepreneurs, thus we decided to develop a Small Business Symposium to train budding entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Training is essential for many small business owners to get the skills they need to make their business successful. This Symposium will offer training in the following areas.

  • Writing a winning business plan
  • Customer Service Training
  • Branding and Strategic Marketing
  • New Media Strategies
  • Small Business Finance

These sessions will be taught by leading experts and successful small business owners. Our goal is to offer affordable business training for the Nashville Community.  We want to help our small businesses succeed and we know affordable training gets them much closer to their goal as a business.

Many people make the leap to entrepreneurship every year, and after a few years about half of them close their doors. What is the difference between the businesses that succeed and the ones that don’t overcome their challenges? The difference is the training and skill building in key business functions and the determination to follow-through.  We hope to see you at our Small Business Trainings this March.  For more information visit our website at http://www.nashville.gov/CE.

  Early Bird Registration Ends February 28th!

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Gloria Hausser Small Business Symposium Speaker

Gloria Symposium

Gloria’s passion for over two decades has been to help businesses grow and succeed. She helps businesses to create the profits, cash flow, and systems to reach their dreams and live their vision. She knows what those with the money need to see to invest or loan to you. Gloria will get your business on track, negotiate the best deals, create a constant improvement culture, and watch your back. She works with businesses in all stages from start up to eventual sell. Clients have increased revenues 40%, obtained funding after being turned down, created accountable teams and reduced stress.

Education: MBA Brenau University, BS University of Tennessee

Experience: Economic Development, Commercial Lending, Business owner, Consulting, Adjunct professor, Change Manager for global company.

Gloria will be the speaker for the Nashville Community Education Symposium on March 21st. She will be leading the sessions on Starting a Small Business and Writing a Winning Business Plan.

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