Exit Interview with Sam Mabry

Hi NCE Community! Lakeithea here:) I am so excited to interview our summer intern from Opportunity Now, Sam Mabry! Sam spent six weeks in the office learning all about Nashville Community Education and Communications! I am excited to share with you his experiences, what he learned and loved! You spent six weeks with the NCE… Continue reading Exit Interview with Sam Mabry

Final Blog Post – Sam Mabry

All I can really think to begin this with, is to describe how surprised I am to see that it’s already my final week at NCE. Surely six weeks cannot pass by this fast, but somehow I managed to let it happen. I have learned so much in these six weeks, spanning from how to… Continue reading Final Blog Post – Sam Mabry

Learning Advertising – Sam Mabry

This week I learned more about advertising with Mary Beth, which I can tell you one thing for sure. Advertising is complex. The sheer amount of intricacies is daunting for anyone wanting to learn basic information about the art of advertising. Colors alone can entirely change the message of your advertisement. Each of the colors… Continue reading Learning Advertising – Sam Mabry