How to Save a Life

We see it all the time in movies and TV shows: A character who seems to have met his or her demise is lying motionless, while someone else frantically goes through the steps of CPR. Then, all of a sudden, the lifeless character is back. Hopefully, you’ve never had to experience this in real life.… Continue reading How to Save a Life

Cultivating Stillness

Being still seems like the most easy, natural thing in the world, but cultivating that stillness actually takes practice and careful consideration. Before attending Mark Fortney’s Cultivating Stillness class, I thought meditation meant sitting still for 15 to 30 minutes and trying to stop yourself from thinking of all your worries and things to do.… Continue reading Cultivating Stillness

En Español: Pintura Sobre Madera

¡Únase a nuestra primer clase dirigida en español – Pintura Sobre Madera, este 3 de Noviembre! Los estudiantes aprenderán a pintar piezas decorativas como marcos de fotos, cajas y más utilizando con la técnica que se usa en Sudamérica. Las clases serán en español solamente perfecta para hispanohablantes y aquellos que quieran practicar sus habilidades!… Continue reading En Español: Pintura Sobre Madera