Juicing with Dr. Adrianne Archie

Hello, my name is Christion Taft. I am the Nashville Community Education high school intern for the summer. This week I’ve been taking over our social media. Today I caught up with Dr. Adrianne Archie to learn more about her and her upcoming Juicing for Meat Lovers class.  Adrianne is a native from Louisville, Kentucky.… Continue reading Juicing with Dr. Adrianne Archie

Cultivating Stillness

Being still seems like the most easy, natural thing in the world, but cultivating that stillness actually takes practice and careful consideration. Before attending Mark Fortney’s Cultivating Stillness class, I thought meditation meant sitting still for 15 to 30 minutes and trying to stop yourself from thinking of all your worries and things to do.… Continue reading Cultivating Stillness

Making a Case for You to Take an Art Class

Guest Blog by Suehyun Choi, Drawing Basics instructor What color is the sky outside? You may answer, “blue.” If it’s cloudy, you may say, “gray,” just like how grapes are purple, and strawberries are red. You may say that a tree is brown, no matter what time of the day. Leaves, of course, are ever-green.… Continue reading Making a Case for You to Take an Art Class