2017 Instructor of the Year: Rich Moore

In the last decade Rich Moore has taught a plethora of Nashvillians how to play guitar,NCE Spring 17 classes-163 fiddle, and more at Nashville Community Education. NCE is grateful for Rich’s years of dedicated, reliable, quality instruction. Rich’s guitar classes are consistently full and enjoyed by our students. We rest easy knowing they are in capable, supportive hands. We also appreciate Rich’s positive demeanor and easy-going attitude. He makes students and staff feel at ease even on the most stressful of days.

Rich at front of classroomThis year we have worked closely with Rich to produce our pilot Spanish for Educators courses – a partnership with the MNPS Office of English Learners to allow MNPS employees to learn Spanish specifically related to the classroom in an effort to better communicate with students and families that have recently immigrated to the U.S. Rich recently retired from his day-job as a Spanish instructor for MNPS and actually spent much of his childhood growing up in South America. Thanks to his work many MNPS teachers now feel more comfortable approaching parents and students. The amount of time and energy he spent on this class did not go unnoticed by us and we appreciate all he did.

Staff and RichEvery day we get to work with Rich is an honor, but we wanted to give him special praise by naming him the 2017 Instructor of the Year for his devotion to our program, our students, and our city.

Thank you Rich for helping us enrich the diverse fabric of Nashville!

If you would like to take one of Rich’s classes, you have MANY opportunities to do so this Fall. Rich will be teaching Beginning Guitar, Intermediate Guitar, Beginning Fiddle, Beginning Ukulele, and Pioneer Cast Iron Cooking! Come meet Rich, sample some cast iron cooking, and register for his classes at the Open House on August 5! 

Goodbye from Christion Taft

Hi, my name is Christion and this is sadly my last week as Nashville Community Education’s high school intern. This was my first job and I want to give some insight into my experience. Week 1 I was with Joshua learning to send invoices, register people for classes and take calls. I have to be completely honest with y’all taking calls is not my strong suit, but I do like opening classrooms and making signs. The second week I worked with Imelda. She handles most of the finances and schedules classes. I made my  first deposit by myself and helped make the Fall schedule.

Week 3 I worked with Mary Beth on a social media takeover.I interviewed Dr. Archie for The Juicing for Meat Lovers class July 31. News Channel 5 came to Nashville Community Education to interview Mr. Whitsett on his Tai Chi class. I got to be behind the scenes on a live taping and take pictures. There was also pizza party for the interns where we talked and played games.

The Team at LunchI really also enjoyed things like feeding the birds and looking at the garden for our classes with UT/TSU Extension. I want to thank my supervisors for being so kind and patient. I also want to thank them for the coffee, ice-cream, tea, bagels and lunches once  a week. Let’s not forget the chocolate! Big shout out to Nashville  Community Education for this opportunity and pushing me to improve my skills!

Juicing with Dr. Adrianne Archie

Hello, my name is Christion Taft. I am the Nashville Community Education high school intern for the summer. This week I’ve been taking over our social media. Today I caught up with Dr. Adrianne Archie to learn more about her and her upcoming Juicing for Meat Lovers class.  Adrianne is a native from Louisville, Kentucky. She sings, enjoys the outdoors and is also the Director of Homework Hotline. About 3 years ago she was diagnosed with Idiopathic Motility – a bacterial disease that can cause the gut to lose the ability to  perform muscular activities. It hurt her to swallow and after about a week and a half she had lost ten pounds. Her and her family thought life was over, but then she started juicing.

Adrianne is now a vegetarian who just finished grad school. If there are two things that she could do forever it would be to teach and to sing. One of her favorite smoothies has a spinach base, with  frozen bananas, pineapple, coconut water, a  heaping table spoon of white chocolate wonderful peanut butter, and a little spirulina.

I want to thank Dr. Archie for giving us a glimpse into her life. If you would like to learn how to make delicious and nutritious juices in your home, join her in class on July 31, 6pm, at the Cohn School!

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