Final Blog Post – Sam Mabry

All I can really think to begin this with, is to describe how surprised I am to see that it’s already my final week at NCE. Surely six weeks cannot pass by this fast, but somehow I managed to let it happen. I have learned so much in these six weeks, spanning from how to… Continue reading Final Blog Post – Sam Mabry

Biking Basics Interview with K.J. Garner!

In my first written interview, I had the pleasure of writing to K.J. Garner the “Biking Basics” instructor! The interview covers some aspects of the course as well as her personal experiences with biking across the nation! – Sam Mabry What first interested you in teaching one of the NCE classes? It’s an opportunity to… Continue reading Biking Basics Interview with K.J. Garner!

Mastering My Meals

One of my favorite aspects of directing Nashville Community Education is being able to take classes when my schedule allows. This Fall I participated in Lindsey Joe’s Master Meal Planning. In two short nights Lindsey taught us a step-by-step process to plan meals, helping save time and money while eating a little healthier. Lindsey covered… Continue reading Mastering My Meals