Final Blog Post – Sam Mabry

All I can really think to begin this with, is to describe how surprised I am to see that it’s already my final week at NCE. Surely six weeks cannot pass by this fast, but somehow I managed to let it happen. I have learned so much in these six weeks, spanning from how to build a plan of action outline too proper advertising design; all of which I wouldn’t have believed could be learned in a mere six weeks. Lakeithea introduced me to the true capability social media has to promote a business. The platforms available online allow for messages  to have international reach, showing how far we as humans have come towards amalgamation globally! As I began meeting with Mary Beth, she showed me the intricacies of advertising, how the color palette of an ad can alone affect the entire message your conveying. It was fascinating to discover that on average an ad gains approximately two seconds of a passer-bys attention before they move on. An ad designer must keep this in mind and design a visual appealing and effective ad to accompany this two second time limit.

This job has aided me in my effective writing skills as now I can convey information with precise and clear diction than I could before. I am thrilled to have the chance to use my newly found writing skills in school papers and research essays. This is one of the many skills I have honed after my internship at NCE, it is all truly exciting. Overall this was a great experience to begin my junior year, having the opportunity to witness an office environment will surely benefit me as I develop professional relationships in and outside of my educational career.

I am honored to have served NCE and have really enjoyed my time here overall. I want to thank everyone that’s apart of the NCE community, whether we have met or not its people like you that make adult education enjoyable for all.

Thank you for an awesome summer!

  • Sam Mabry


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