Exit Interview with Sam Mabry

Hi NCE Community! Lakeithea here:) I am so excited to interview our summer intern from Opportunity Now, Sam Mabry! Sam spent six weeks in the office learning all about Nashville Community Education and Communications! I am excited to share with you his experiences, what he learned and loved!

  • You spent six weeks with the NCE team, what will be the biggest lesson you leave with?Cherish education, I’ve always heard from adults that they miss going to school and that I should enjoy the time I have left. I personally never understood this at first, like all teens we typically do not enjoy school, me being one of them. After I have witnessed and interacted with many of the fantastic teachers and adult students, I see that even after an adults official educational career has come to a close, they may find themselves reinstating the joy of learning back into their lives at any age. The passion I have seen has shown that education was a fun experience for all of these adults that they return to relive the excitement of enrichment as should I during my educational career.

    Social media/Blogging and doing video work seems really fun but is a lot of work, what was the most challenging part of all of this for you?

    Staying original is a very hard task when presented with a daily upload schedule. When I first began my post it was very easy to come up with original ideas to promote classes and events. But as the weeks grew longer I found myself tempted to copy and paste course descriptions and stock images more often than I should. I knew to myself that my work should stay original and unique to me, so I fought the urge to do a menial job to make sure my self-image was preserved in my posts. It’s important for those beginning to represent themselves on different social platforms to do this as well, as lack-luster work with no effort is just another piece in a sea of menial effort. Keep true to yourself, hard work defines character, never lose it!

    Did you take away any tips from the Talk of the Town shooting you attended?

    Besides from all the knowledge I learned from the different types of dried beans you can possible store in a three-foot pantry, I would say body language is a huge factor when interacting with an individual. I witnessed how facing an individual other than turning your head, can show more about your involvement in the conversation above other things!

    What is one thing you learned about our program that you loved?

    The affordability is astonishing; often times the complexity of some of the courses are college level. Why pay hundreds of dollars to enroll in a college course, when NCE may offer a substitute at an-eighth of a cost.

    Which classes did you enjoy learning about the most?

    All of the Foreign Language classes, as I was astonished to see so many adults drawn towards the idea of learning a new language. In an ever diversifying country such as ours, it has become vital to learn a second language to be able to communicate to new citizens. Although some may see this as a chore, it always ends up as an enjoyable experience and rewarding to be able to effectively communicate with someone of a foreign language. I personally speak french, and to find other individuals striving to learn this language at this day in age is a beauty in itself. I personally believe it shows a step towards unification between all people, so keep at it!

    You learned about Social Media, Strategy Plans, Advertising, Newsletter Design and Interviewing, what was the most challenging and how did you overcome it?

    Advertising was the most difficult as modern day programs that exist for creating ads are not as easy to use as they should be. Honestly it was rather easy to come up with ideas that I wanted to visualize and look at conceptually, but the complexity of the program prevented me from translating my ideas to the screen.

    What tools did you learn about throughout your six weeks that helped you complete your tasks?

    I instituted buffer into my daily social media posting routine, where I can now automate my post instead of manually going to each platform to post individually. If you are looking to streamline your social media posting process, I would highly recommend using this program!

    Overall, how do you feel about your internship?

    This has been the best possible opportunity for me to have this summer, I am surprised on how friendly and cheerful this work environment truly is. The first day I walked in to meet coworkers, I was met with smiles and excitement. I truly couldn’t have asked for a better place to intern this summer, I am thankful to be able to work for NCE!

    Now, you are off to enjoy the summer before school starts, what are your plans?

    Get Back In Shape! Although sitting at a desk for six and a-half hours a day doing enjoyable work can be fun. It tends to interfere with workout routines. As my school year starts back up I have to get in shape if I want to even try to make the cross-country team this year!

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