Learning Advertising – Sam Mabry

This week I learned more about advertising with Mary Beth, which I can tell you one thing for sure. Advertising is complex. The sheer amount of intricacies is daunting for anyone wanting to learn basic information about the art of advertising. Colors alone can entirely change the message of your advertisement. Each of the colors convey not only varying emotions while alone but as well as different ones when in combination with others. This information alone was far more in depth than I would have ever expected, which was eventually surpassed by the importance of font and their types and sizes. Regardless, I really enjoyed learning about the advertising process. After my lessons I used my knowledge to design practice ads for NCE. These included billboard, magazine, and even a radio ad! I found all aspects of advertising to be fun and engaging and wanted to try working with the different types available! After an hour’s work, I noticed that when designing an ad, go with your gut feeling; if it looks good at first glance go with it, as people reading your ad will only spend five seconds or less doing so. One can always spend hours covering all the intricacies of their ad, but this is wasted time. I was told that the average consumer spends, as stated before, five seconds or less looking at your ad. They will never notice the shape you used to surround your text or any other details of that caliber. Although the information I learned was very important and enjoyable, don’t always stick to the “textbook” so to speak, break from those limits and use your creativity to shape and define any piece of work you intend to publicly present.

– Sam

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