Biking Basics Interview with K.J. Garner!

In my first written interview, I had the pleasure of writing to K.J. Garner the “Biking Basics” instructor! The interview covers some aspects of the course as well as her personal experiences with biking across the nation!

– Sam Mabry

What first interested you in teaching one of the NCE classes?

It’s an opportunity to share my knowledge with a wider base of Nashvillians! Learning happens at any age, and bicycling is no exception. There’s lots of people who have become “born-again adult riders” after not having ridden a bike for a decade or more. This class is intended to give students a good grounding in bicycle riding and maintenance principles.

Why did you decide to teach “ Biking Basics”?

In talking with lots of different folks at various points in their bike riding journeys, it became apparent that there was a need for a good intro course on bike maintenance and riding, so I developed a curriculum for a four-part class (one ride!) that would be informative and empowering.

Where is the most unique place you’ve biked in?

Minneapolis, Minnesota, in February – at minus 15 degrees. Minneapolis has a benefit of being an amazing city in which to ride – infrastructure that Nashvillians can only dream of. I want to stay here in Nashville long enough to see things improve to that point!

Are you a fan of “Tour de France”?

Pro cycling can be fascinating to watch, but I prefer reading about long distance endurance riders like Lael Wilcox.

Where are some of your favorite biking trails and shops around Nashville ?

I enjoy riding in my neighborhood in Inglewood and especially riding at night with friends in a full moon bike club.

What’s one thing students that will be taking your class, should know about you and the course?

There’s no such thing as “I’m not a real bike rider.” If you step onto a bicycle and pedal 1 mile or 100 miles, you are a rider. Don’t let anyone or anything shame you into thinking otherwise.

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