News Interview! – Sam Mabry

Last Friday I was granted the privilege to witness a news segment recording featuring our “Building Your Pantry & Read Labels” teacher, Jilah Kalil! I would like to begin by commenting on how welcoming Ms.Kalil was when inviting Lakeithea and I into her home. The atmosphere she presented through her contagious smile and the overall visually inviting interior design of her house. Everywhere I looked there was an intricate piece of decoration or unique art piece to observe. One could simply explore the first level of her home and be astonished by how many intricacies one decoration of her house beheld.

As the news interview  began I saw how the communications position has its foot in all aspects of works, especially as a newscaster! In order for someone to present themselves in a professional and effective manner they must communicate not only through tone of voice and diction but also body language and eye contact. Its astonishing the difference one’s stature makes during a conversation, how one’s is positioned when talking to someone can completely change the mood of the exchange!

Overall I was astonished by the professionalism I saw from both the interviewer and the interviewee while they were in and out of taping the segment!

Jilah’s organization:

News Segment:

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