Interviews and Personal Reflection – Sam Mabry

I’ve just been granted the opportunity to attend a live interview between one of our instructors and a news segment featured on channel 5! I cannot explain how excited I am to be able to have this opportunity, it’s truly invigorating! When I first began this job I knew very little about what “Communications” entitles and what the position has in relation to my job. I initially believed that I would be writing a couple of blog post and tweeting, which I am currently doing. But with my recent introduction to the interview process and event coordination, I’ve learned that Communications means a whole lot more! I have never been so excited to do work, and I legitimately mean this! I have been given the privilege to assemble, write, and coordinate events with several organizations around Nashville; these of which I hope help further develop the NCE image. However, with the opportunity to witness how the communications personnel can truly interact with the media, I have expanded my horizon on how vital the position is to any organization or business.

As I’m preparing for  new interviews, I reflect on my past self before applying for an internship. I scoffed at the idea of summer work and sought an easy way to make some money. Now through this position, I’ve learned that hard work and dedication is not only personally rewarding but also develops character as I believe I am more independent and trustworthy as before this internship. I am truly grateful for this internship through opportunity now, and would recommend it to anyone that is eligible for the program!

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