Preparation for Interviews – Sam Mabry

This week I began learning about the interview process and how to prepare for one! I’m very excited for my first one, which will be with our very own Lakeithea Anderson about her brand new class “Brand Storytelling Using Social Media”! For the last two weeks, I’ve been developing and shaping my concise writing skills, and can’t wait to use them in all my projects. After looking over several of Lakeithea’s older projects I’ve seen how she has incorporated this skill in nearly all of the literary aspects of the work. It’s truly fascinating to me that with time and practice, one can develop the skill of conveying a magnitude of information in a few sentences.

As I write the several Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter post I always find myself reading over it and thinking; “How can I make this shorter, and still keep the vital message intact?” I’ve found that writing the twitter post is the most effective in helping me develop this skill. Twitter’s one hundred and fifty character limit forces me to eliminate unnecessary words and phrases such as passive writing or repetition. After revision; I have a short but powerful message that involves attention-grabbing diction and a clear message. One of my favorites so far:

Screenshot (1)

Here I used a comedic approach to the promotion of our workout classes. I personally find that humor is a great way to send a friendly message to readers and will stick with them long after they’ve finished reading.

As I’m finishing up this post, I’m looking at the several sticky notes I have pinned up on my computer monitor and notice that not only does concise writing help my literature but also my note-taking. When I began working here I used a large sheet of paper for my notes, nearly covering the whole page, but now I have learned how to pick up on key information and only write that down, typically fitting on an average post-it note. I truly am excited about all my upcoming interviews and hope you are too.


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