Hi! I Am Sam Mabry! NCE New Intern

I’m Sam Mabry, the most recent NCE intern from the Opportunity Now Program. I currently attend University School of Nashville and am a rising junior. When I was first confronted with the idea of a summer internship, I was repulsed; “How could anyone possibly want to waste their summer working” I thought. Eventually, this mindset changed. As I looked around I noticed that I am now a “Young Adult”, a title of which I had no idea what it meant by any means but I knew one thing, it meant responsibilities. So I took the leap and enrolled in the Opportunity Now Program and left the rest to the system. Come June 3rd I finished my training and was on my first day at work. I had two expectations, this could be six weeks of misery or an enjoyable educational experience. I walked through the side doors and meet Mrs. Beth. Her smile alone dissolved any of my preconceived fears of this job, her pleasant attitude reaffirmed that in fact,  this job was the latter of my expectations.

As I toured the school I immediately noticed the lively atmosphere that each teacher reflected in their class. I had the pleasure of meeting the oil painting teacher, Mrs. Nidiffer. If I had to choose someone to represent the friendly NCE environment, I would choose her. I was welcomed with a gracious smile that showed true compassion for not only the oil painting class but for the NCE staff that helps coordinate and advertise her course. As I returned to our office I met Josh, again I was presented with an individual who was truly invested in their work. Many say the mood of others can reflect upon yourself, which I entirely agree. I later met Imelda and Lakeithea, once more kind smiles and excitement to work. As I began my first assignment I felt a sense of bliss, I believe the cheerful attitudes of the office reflected upon my attitude towards work. I had a genuine excitement to complete my assignment and receive feedback because I knew that any critiques from my superiors were genuine and constructive.

As I am writing this, I’m joyed to have the opportunity to work in a fun and compassionate work environment. Through my first few days here at NCE I’ve come to admire the attitude of my coworkers. This experience has not only whipped away my preconceived notion of a depressing office space but also has shown me that a small work staff can be far more effective than a large one.

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