Blogger Sheena Steward Enjoys Date Night in Traditional Bangladeshi Cooking

Nashville Community Education had the honor of hosting the founder of the blog, Love at Any Stage, Sheena and her husband Anthony for one of our spring cooking classes, Traditional Bangladeshi Cooking.

Sheena and Anthony, a voice for love and dating for couples in Nashville plan weekly date night activities that they share on the blog for their audience. Nashville Community Education, an affordable enrichment program for adults in Nashville isn’t your typical first choice for “Date night” so we thought it was amazing that Sheena wanted to share the program with her readers to offer unique idea’s for couples. Our program offers many ways for couples or even friends and family to come together once a week to share incredible experiences, whether it’s a fun cooking class like Sheena and Anthony enjoyed, a fitness class like Yoga, a gardening class such as From Seed to Table Gardening or learning Master Meal Planning together, whatever your choice Nashville Community Education comes with many opportunities to enjoy those activities with loved ones!

Check out Sheena’s article: Traditional Bangladeshi Cooking Class – Date Night, the blogger showcases the class, her and Anthony’s fun and competitive cooking groups and what they thought of the food:

“Both teams finished cooking and started to prepared plates to enjoy the food. Nadia took a look at the food for both teams, and then she tasted both. Anthony’s team won in a landslide victory! We sat down and had great conversations with the other participants in the class. They were people from all different backgrounds, and it was great to be able to spend the evening enjoying the company of others in our community while also learning new skills.”-Sheena 

Thank you to Sheena and Anthony for attending Traditional Bangladeshi Cooking for your date night!

For more great cooking classes, check out our Summer 2018 Catalog.


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