7 Activities to Try This Spring


Spring is upon us and Nashville Community Education has some awesome classes kicking off. If you are looking for some activities for you and your family and/or friends check out our list below.

Backpacking Basics

An introduction to backpacking that covers essential knowledge, gear selection, techniques, safety, planning, and advice on standard backpacking trips as well as thru-hikes at popular destination.

Beginning Birding

Birding (also known as bird watching) is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the country, and for good reason! Studying birds allow us an easy access point to gain an appreciation and understanding of Earth’s biodiversity. In this class, we will identify common backyard birds in the field using binoculars and field guides, and enter our observations into eBird in order for scientists to use the data. You will come away with the basic foundation for creating a lifelong interest in our avian friends! All materials will be provided. Offered in partnership with the UT/TSU Extension.

Twisted Shibori

Forget the stitching, tying and knotting of traditional shibori. In
this workshop, you’ll learn to make dye baths for silk scarves, twist
and bind the scarves, and then remove dye in a thiox steam bath.
When you untwist the fabric, you’ll have pattern and color combos
that you love or you may decide to continue the process with more
twisting, dyeing and discharging. This process creates delightfully
mysterious designs. All materials are provided.

Discovering Your Personal Style

Studies show that women spend about 2.5 hours a week deciding what to wear. We can all think of better ways to spend those hours and this class is here to help! Students have the opportunity to learn how to define their style type, determine body type and find confidence. Students will take home sheets with tips for shopping and styling so they can spend less time in their closets and more time enjoying the world.

Pioneer Cast Iron Cooking

In this class students will learn how pioneers cooked breads, full meals, and desserts on the hearth. Use of cast iron cookware, utensils and cooking techniques will be demonstrated. Over the course of three weeks, students will cook cornbread, cakes, and main dishes outside in the school courtyard. Students are required to bring a folding camp chair to the outdoor classroom.

Qigong Movement

Qigong (chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese technique used for health and well-being. This class will focus on healing and revitalizing body, mind and spirit through exercises that involve gentle, flowing movements, mental focus, and breathing techniques. Regular qigong practice can help to improve balance, mental focus, digestion, healthy sleep patterns and mental wellness.

Six Steps to Managing Your Money

Are you, like 76% of Americans, living paycheck-to-paycheck? In this class, students will learn how to manage their money with purpose and intention. Instruction will cover what keeps people broke, a detailed 6-step process to manage your money, and how to develop steps for a positive financial future. By the end of class students will develop a budget plan and feel empowered to accomplish their financial goals.


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