Registration is Open for spring 2018

It’s officially registration day here at Nashville Community Education!

We have some amazing classes that are returning this upcoming spring and even more new classes. We also are excited to announce we have a new location, Amqui Station in Madison will have the follwing classes taking place at Amqui, 170 Years of TN Railroads, Eat Smart at Home, Beginning Mandolin and Six Steps to Managing Your Money.

If you missed the opportunity to sign up for our cooking classes this past summer or fall, don’t miss the chance now. We will continue our partnership with Nashville Farmer’s Market to host the Nashville’s Farmer’s Market Seasonal Cooking Series, with Chef Laura. We also have the return of From Seed to Table Gardening, Pioneer Cast Iron Cooking and three traditional cooking classes, Iraqi/Kurdish, Bangladeshi and Cuban Cooking.

We have lots of healthy living options from our Preventing Diabetes Program: Part 1 and Part 2, Navigating Life Transitions class, Beginning Hatha Yoga 1 and Kung Fu & Self-Defense.

These are a just a few classes coming this spring. Our program offer classes in Language, Art, Technology, Life, Legal and so much more!

Head on over and register! We will see you in class starting January.

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