Nashville Community Education is Thankful for You!

NCE Batch 3_Full-27This is the season of thanks and Nashville Community Education couldn’t be more thankful for our amazing instructors, students, partners and the city of Nashville for another amazing year.

Continuing education has become a part of many Nashvillian’s lifestyles and we get the opportunity to serve the community with affordable, professional and personal classes throughout the year.

We truly enjoy serving this city and we have quite a bit to be thankful for.

1. Our volunteer instructors
Every session we have the opportunity to connect with amazing professionals in Nashville. Many of these professionals become a part of Nashville Community Education through offering their time and knowledge as a volunteer instructor. The countless of hours you put into your classes, the prep work, engaging, teaching and nourishing our students for a better tomorrow is at the center of what you do through our program. Thank you for working with us to meet our goal of serving the Nashville community through education.

2. Our students
Education is important to the Nashville community and your love and passion for education is the driving force behind our mission. Every day you walk into our buildings ready to learn whether it’s for your career or a just to take a fun class. Thank you for investing your time into our program.

3. New experiences and lessons
Every semester our students are introduced to new and exciting classes. We love learning about our community and creating diverse experiences together in the classroom. From the amazing cooking classes such as Pioneer Cast Iron Cooking or the Traditional Iraqi/Kurdish Cooking,  language class such as Arabic and amazing classes like Beginning Fiddle and Beginning Ukulele we are always excited to hear about what the students learned.

4. New stories
We are thankful for new neighbors and new stories. There are many cultures that make up the fabric of Nashville. Our students love to hear and share life stories in our classes. Whether you are here in Nashville for a job or for new life adventures, welcome to Nashville, we love seeing how you are a part of Nashville’s growing story.

5. Support of the city
We are thankful for the Mayor’s office, the city councils, and our commissioners. Thank you for your continuous support that has help Nashville Community Education throughout the years. With all of your growing support this year we are able to offer Scholarships! Thank You!

Nashville Community Education Team



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