Goodbye from Christion Taft

Hi, my name is Christion and this is sadly my last week as Nashville Community Education’s high school intern. This was my first job and I want to give some insight into my experience. Week 1 I was with Joshua learning to send invoices, register people for classes and take calls. I have to be completely honest with y’all taking calls is not my strong suit, but I do like opening classrooms and making signs. The second week I worked with Imelda. She handles most of the finances and schedules classes. I made my  first deposit by myself and helped make the Fall schedule.

Week 3 I worked with Mary Beth on a social media takeover.I interviewed Dr. Archie for The Juicing for Meat Lovers class July 31. News Channel 5 came to Nashville Community Education to interview Mr. Whitsett on his Tai Chi class. I got to be behind the scenes on a live taping and take pictures. There was also pizza party for the interns where we talked and played games.

The Team at LunchI really also enjoyed things like feeding the birds and looking at the garden for our classes with UT/TSU Extension. I want to thank my supervisors for being so kind and patient. I also want to thank them for the coffee, ice-cream, tea, bagels and lunches once  a week. Let’s not forget the chocolate! Big shout out to Nashville  Community Education for this opportunity and pushing me to improve my skills!

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