Learn a new language with Kristen Sawl!

Kristen SawlDuring the school year Kristen Sawl spends her days educating our youth at Fall Hamilton Enhanced Option School (she was named Teacher of the Year!). She’s even been a student herself, participating in our Spanish for Educators partnership with the Office of English Learners this spring. This summer she’ll join us for TWO language classes: French I and Italian I!

What neighborhood or area of town do you live in?:

Although you are teaching a class, what have you learned through students or others?
I’ve learned that teaching has a lot more to do with the relationships between people and the culture of the class, than the actual content or methodology.

If you weren’t teaching a class, what class would you be taking OR what class are you taking in addition to teaching?
Advanced Spanish.

When you aren’t teaching a class with us, how are you spending your time?
Playing volleyball, gardening, and hiking or biking.

What’s the last book, podcast, or blog you read or listened to?
The podcast Science VS


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