Meet a Student: Joshua Calvin

Joshua, an avid Nashville Community Education student, teaches computer usage for adults at a local community center. He recently finished the course Spanish for Health Professionals, which met weekly from January 23 to March 6 at Wright Middle School. He was excited to expand his vocabulary through the course in order to interact better with the Spanish-speaking students at his job. 

Name: Joshua Calvin

Occupation: Computer instructor

Class: Spanish for Health Professionals

Why did you decide to take this class? I wanted to increase my vocabulary and continue to build upon my Spanish skills. I use Spanish every day to communicate with the Spanish-speaking students at the community center where I work.

Why did you choose a Nashville Community Education class over an online tutorial or other method of continuing education? I wanted the class done in person, because I think that’s the best way I learn. It’s also a great way to ask questions from someone who’s actually a native from a Spanish-speaking country and has been born and raised to speak Spanish.

Now that you’ve finished this course, what more do you want to learn? I want to learn more conversational things that I would use every day further than grammar and vocabulary.

What was your favorite part about that class? My favorite part about the class was the interaction that we had. We had chances to practice pronunciation while we were in class, which is good.

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