A Family Affair: sisters unknowingly take classes at Martha O’Bryan

Sisters Dwen Guydon (left) and Latonya Hill (right) unknowingly attended class at the Martha O’Bryan Center on the same night! Guydon attended the Use Photos to Tell Your Story class and Hill attended the Six Steps To Managing Your Money class.

During an October evening at the Martha O’Bryan Center, two sisters discovered they were both taking Nashville Community Education classes.

Dwen Guydon, who took the Use Photos to Tell Your Story class was interviewed first for the student blogs. Then she saw her sister, Latonya Hill, in the hallway. Latonya is taking the Six Steps to Managing Your Money class. They had various reasons for taking their classes.

“I wanted to get some more insight on to what else I can do with my photos, other than turning them into videos. Eventually I will like to do a webinar on my family photos,” said Dwen. “I’m trying to learn the basics of getting a budget to use in the home” Latonya said.

While this was Latonya’s first time taking a NCE class, Dwen has taken a variety of classes.

“I think I may have taken a public speaking class—I can’t remember what year it was but I know it was several years ago,” said Dwen. “I did take a belly dancing class one time, that was a lot of fun too.”

This was also the first session classes were offered at the Martha O’Bryan Center. Classes are offered there to give a closer proximity to student’s daily commute, as well as bridge the community gap.

“It is the Commission’s goal to capture more of Nashville and its varied community members so that we continue to fulfill our mission of enriching the diverse fabric of Nashville,” said Mary Beth Harding, Executive Director of NCE.

When the sisters were asked about where a Nashville visitor should go for food, both unknowingly said the same restaurant.

“I like Morton’s (618 Church St, Nashville, TN 37219). My favorite Italian restaurant would be Maggiano’s (3106 W. End Avenue Nashville, TN 37203),” said Dwen. “Maggiano’s is one of my favorites,” said Latonya.

The Use Photo to Tell Your Story class was offered on October 11 and Six Steps to Managing Your Money had classes on October 11 &18 and November 3 &10. Please visit the Nashville Community Education website to for more information.




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