Meet a student: Amanda Daul


Student, Amanda, is a recent college graduate who is taking the Six Steps to Managing Your Money class at the Martha O’Bryan Center and taught by Dakota Grady. She wanted to find a balance between a social life and saving for retirement with help from the class. Six Steps to Managing Your Money was offered October 11 & 18 and another session on November 3 & 10 at the Cohn location.  

Name: Amanda Daul

Occupation: I’m a nurse

Class: Six Steps to Managing Your Money

Why are you taking this class: I’ve been out of college for two years now and I’ve put money in my retirement but my spending, especially since moving to Nashville, has been kind of out of control. I’m having a really hard time balancing being social, going out with friends and putting away for my future. Part of that is because I don’t know how much to put away for retirement.

Have you taken any previous classes? No, this is my first one. 

What are some qualities that would make you want to recommend the class to someone else? If I feel like I learn something or take something away that’s useful. If the instructor is welcoming and open to questions.

If someone was visiting Nashville, what is one restaurant that person should visit? It depends on what they want to eat. I just went to the Athens Family Restaurant (2526 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN 37204), a Greek place and it’s really good! But I feel like Edley’s Bar-B-Que is delicious, those nachos and that brisket.

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