Meet an Instructor: Dr. Virginia McMath

jennys-pictureMeet Dr. Virginia McMath (or Dr. Jenny) who will be leading College Bound: Student Success Strategies this Fall. In this two-night workshop students will learn what it takes to enter and complete college as successfully as possible. Decision making, financial information, finishing in 4 years and more will be covered!

Profession:  Higher Education Testing Technician, Realtor, and Financial Wellness Consultant

Years teaching with NCE:  I am a new Instructor!

Why do you teach at Nashville Community Education?
I want to “enrich the diverse fabric of Nashville” (NCE, 2016), by providing college planning information to parents and students. Also, a NCE Instructor, Dr. Torina McCord, suggested that I teach a class at NCE based on their great reputation and educational opportunities offered to the community.

If you weren’t teaching a class, what class would you be taking OR what class are you taking in addition to teaching?
If I weren’t teaching a class, I would take multiple classes:  the Empowerment Seminar,  Grant Writing Basics,the Resume Writing class, or Lose Weight with Smoothies.

What is one thing you wish people knew about NCE?
Teaching with NCE is a great opportunity to empower others with valuable information and master your public speaking skills.

What’s one thing we would be surprised to learn about you?
I have a borderline addiction to watching movies on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN).  I can easily get distracted on Saturday mornings watching LMN movies.

When you aren’t teaching a class with us, how are you spending your time? I serve on committees at a university in Nashville and I help clients attain their Real Estate, Financial, and Academic Goals. I am also a Testing Technician at a Community College in Nashville.

What’s the last book, podcast, or blog you read or listened to? Switch: How to Change Things when Change is Hard by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

One thought on “Meet an Instructor: Dr. Virginia McMath

  1. Jenny after review of your profile portfolio all I can say is that there getting the very best and
    the fact that your reputation proceeds itself, kudos to you My dear friend keep up the good works.

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