Meet an Instructor: Lori Bumgarner

linkedin-classMeet Lori Bumgarner, instructor for How Do I Use LinkedIn? and Resumes That Get You the Interview. Did you know that when you register for both of Lori’s classes you automatically save $10?! Learn more about Lori below and then register for both of her upcoming classes.


What neighborhood or area of town do you live in?:  Bellevue

Profession:  Career and life coach (

Years teaching with NCE:  this will be my first year!

Why do you teach at Nashville Community Education?
I’m teaching my particular topic because so many people say to me that they have a LinkedIn profile but have done nothing with it because they don’t know what all they can do. I love showing people how they can find jobs or grow their business by building their brand and their network on LinkedIn. It’s such a valuable tool that is way under utilized!

If you weren’t teaching a class, what class would you be taking OR what class are you taking in addition to teaching?
I want to take one of the cooking classes because I can use all the help I can get in the kitchen!

What is one thing you wish people knew about NCE?
The selection of classes being offered and how affordable the classes are (I know those are two things, but I couldn’t help but highlight both of those benefits!).

What’s one thing we would be surprised to learn about you?
My age. Most people are shocked when they find out how old I am. I’m very fortunate to have been blessed with the same genes as all the other women in my family. We all look much younger than we actually are.

When you aren’t teaching a class with us, how are you spending your time?resume-class
When working, I’m helping people discover and pursue their passions and teaching them how to put those passions into action in their work and their life. I also provide a program on this just for people who are new to Nashville.

In my free time, I’m stand up paddle boarding year-round, usually on the Cumberland River (I highly recommend the new Stand Up Paddle Boarding 101 class. You’ll love it!).

What’s the last book, podcast, or blog you read or listened to?
The last blog I read was one from The Daily Positive entitled “How To Find Peace About The Future.” I love their articles and recently had one of my articles published on it. The last book I read was Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks. I highly recommend it for entrepreneurs, especially if you’ve ever taken a retreat at the Abbey of Gethsemani up in Kentucky, the oldest monastery in the US. It’s such a wonderful experience!

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