Meet an Instructor: Deborah Wilbrink

brentwood-library_deb-wilbrinkDeborah is teaching several writing workshops this Fall including Online Self-Publishing, Time to Tell: Write Your Family History Now!, and Use Photos to Tell Your Story. Learn more about Deborah below and also in this video!

What neighborhood or area of town do you live in?
SoNash / SoZoo – south Nashville, Candlestick Farms

Profession: Writer & Personal Historian

Years teaching with NCE: 1

Why do you teach at Nashville Community Education?
There is broad community exposure and a practical, fun emphasis with consideration for student and for teacher.

Although you are teaching a class, what have you learned through students or others?
I have learned how dedication to family history is being passed on to younger “kinkeepers,” with several mother-daughter pairs attending Time to Tell: Write Your Family History Now!.

If you weren’t teaching a class, what class would you be taking OR what class are you taking in addition to teaching?
Storytelling with Podcasts and How Do I Use LinkedIn?

What is one thing you wish people knew about NCE?
That it’s inexpensive, teachers offer practical knowledge about subjects you want to learn, and it’s for the community.

iPhone or Android? Why?
I have an Android because I’m synced with my family there, and it’s cheaper! I have an iPad but it seems easier to print and carry hard copy!

When you aren’t teaching a class with us, how are you spending your time?
I work with others to save their life stories in books which includes interviewing, writing, editing, format design and self-publishing.

What’s the last book, podcast, or blog you read or listened to?
Bluegrass Jam Class with Jeff Burke, Lesson 2

What’s one thing that Nashvillians (new and old) would be surprised to know about the city?
Public education needs your active participation.


2 thoughts on “Meet an Instructor: Deborah Wilbrink

  1. After a break for summer and some new book publishing for my clients, these classes are back! I hope you will find time to join us for one that suits your needs. NCE is a wonderful place to learn, for instructors as well as adults.

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