Letter from the Director

Fall Catalog CoverThis Fall marks my one year anniversary with
NCE. It’s been an amazing year for the program
and we are so grateful for all of the students and
instructors that make our success possible!

A few highlights for Fall 2016 include NEW
locations! A majority of our classes are still at the
Cohn School in Sylvan Park, Wright Middle School
in Southeast Nashville and the Nashville Farmers’
Market. In addition, we will now be offering classes at the Martha O’Bryan Center’s East Nashville
location and several paddle boarding classes with Paddle Up Nashville.

Another exciting update to this Fall’s lineup are clases en Español!
We hope to continue adding more classes suited for
native speakers and those wanting to practice their
Spanish skills, but this fall we thought we’d start
with something a little creative.

With so many choices we know you’ll find a perfect
match for your interests!

Fall registration is open and ongoing through the session.

Download a 2016 Fall Catalog.

To register for classes, and to find out more info, visit www.nashville.gov/ce.

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