Guest Post: Oliva Cuevas, High School Intern

     Hello, my name is Oliva Cuevas. I go to Glencliff High School in Southeast Nashville and I am also an uprising senior! I am a current intern at Nashville Community Education through the program of the Nashville Career Advancement Center. Signing up for the internship was definitely a big change for me because I haven’t really signed up for anything since my 8th grade year. It was definitely new to me.  It surprised me to hear that I was the only intern for NCE because everyone else had more than one person going to the same place to intern. I was in for more surprises.

NCE offers so many classes for adults either to advance their career, pick up a hobby, or just meet new people. It was great meeting the staff of NCE or you can say, my “coworkers”. They were really nice and receiving towards me. I also interacted with the senior adults in the classes. I’m impressed to see that older adults are still living it up! I usually picture my senior self as just staying home and sleeping all the time. It honestly inspired me to enjoy my youth years as equal or even more as my adulthood.

The NCE staff didn’t just take me in as an intern; they took me in as an actual staff that has been working there for a while now. They’re all serious about their jobs, but there is times when they take a small break and they just joke around with each other. Other than the interning experience, I also had new experiences that involved food. Once every week we had a lunch out to a restaurant nearby and so far I have tried Indian and Vietnamese food. At first, I was a little nervous to try it, but both turned out better than I expected!

It was a great experience interning here and it has impacted me in a positive way. I’ll definitely take things that I learned from here to my future and use them in any way I can. NCE might be a small department, but they honestly all have BIG HEARTS!


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