Welcome New NCE Team Member: Joshua Hill

Josh Hill Portrait By Sam AngelWe are excited to announce and welcome Joshua Hill to the Nashville Community Education team! Joshua will be joining us as our new Administrative Officer, in charge of providing administrative support to the organization. Joshua is a graduate of Specs Howard School of Media Arts with a degree in video production and graphic design and has over 10 years office administration experience. He will work to manage the customer experience and work closely with the Executive Director to complete important administrative tasks.

We took a few moments to ask Joshua some “get-to-know-you” questions in hopes that he just might share with us his deepest secrets. We didn’t get all of his secrets but we did learn that he is a perfect fit for Nashville Community Education.

How did you learn about NCE?

At my previous job, some coworkers and I were talking about the great classes that Nashville Community Education offers. After that I started to research more about the organization and quickly found myself impressed with the mission and the communities that NCE serves.

What are the 3 words that best describe you?

Caring, excitable, quirky

What is your favorite part about working with NCE so far?

It is so great to work at NCE! The staff, volunteer instructors and students are all so excited to teach, learn and grow. It is infectious and really has made every day here a joy to walk through the door in the morning.

What class are you excited to take during the upcoming Summer Session?

There are so many great classes but since I have to choose, I would say that my favorites are the Beginning Running and Whole Wheat Bread Basics classes! I honestly had a list of seven classes that I wanted to take but I figured with my new job that I should start out slow.

What are you hoping to accomplish during your time at NCE?

I am working to duplicate weekly that look of accomplishment and pride on a student’s face when they have completed a class. So many students are excited about what they have learned and can’t wait to go and use that in their everyday lives. I am humbled knowing that I will be a part of the process to help them. That motivates me.

Join us in welcoming Joshua to our team! When you stop by a class or call into the office, please take a minute to say hello and get to know Joshua better.

For more information on Nashville Community Education, visit www.Nashville.gov/CE. Registration opens May 2, classes begin 31.

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