Honoring our Volunteers

Tuwanda          cori

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a program like Nashville Community Education? The answer is simple, volunteers. All of your instructors are volunteers who want to make an impact on the community by sharing their knowledge, passion, and expertise with you. Without our instructors, we would not be able to offer the variety of classes we do.  But, but saying thank you isn’t enough to show our appreciation.

Last week, we hosted the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner to properly thank instructors who have taught with us over the past year.  Each year at this event, we recognize an instructor for their dedication and service to NCE, along with a community member who has been a tireless supporter and advocate for our program.

This year we honored Cori Gonzalez with the Instructor Appreciation Award. Cori joined us this Winter as our new Spanish instructor and dove into things immediately by developing a full Spanish curriculum for our program.  In the words of her students, “Cori is an excellent instructor.  She is willing to meet extra on her own time to help.”  We are proud to have Cori as part of our program.

You have probably heard Tuwanda Coleman’s name for her work at News Channel 5, but did you also know she has been a longtime supporter of NCE? If you learned about our Rug Braiding class on Talk of the Town, you have Tuwanda to thank.  Through her work with Talk of the Town, Tuwanda has helped us spread the word about NCE and reach new students. We cannot say enough how much we appreciate her.

Thank you to all of our instructors. We are looking forward to another great year!

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