Kimble Bosworth Small Business Symposium Speaker

120821_kimble_ 032

Kimble arrived in Nashville by way of Vanderbilt University, Kimble worked as a Regional Account Manager for FrontRange Solutions, Area Healthcare Manager for Standard Register and Account Executive for WorkflowOne. The ribbon threading these three experiences together was Kimble’s proven ability to drive sales, make the necessary decisions (without apology) and remove the stigma surrounding selling promotional items and replace it with sound strategic solutions that used print and promotional products to create effective branding solutions for clients in a way that boosted the brand yet minimized operational waste.

Having successfully done it for other companies in the past, Kimble, once again, let that independence ring and decided to buy into a franchise opportunity with Proforma Printelligence. Proforma is a full service print and promotional agency providing brand management solutions. They are committed to bringing ideas, inspiration, strategy, and tools to help their clients grow their business and achieve success. When asked what makes her business different, she is quick to say that she not’s a product pusher. They are bigger than company embossed golf tee sets and water bottles. Printelligence empowers their clients, helping them to maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace and increase productivity by utilizing one supplier to fulfill all of their graphic communication needs.

Connect with Kimble:

Kimble will be the speaker  for the Nashville Community Education Small Business Symposium on March 28th. She will lead the session on Customer Service Strategies for Success.

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