Instructor Spotlight

By Cori Gonzalez

Meet Cori Gonzalez our new Spanish instructor!


Cori Spotlight

Learning a new language is an experience unlike any other. As a learner, you are willing to surround yourself with unfamiliar sounds and expressions. Essentially, you are reversing life back to a time when you were crawling along the floor – listening, thinking, and molding sounds into language for the very first time. This can be an intimidating challenge. If you are considered the “rewind button”, I commend you! ¡Bravo Amigo!

Language learning is no new phenomenon. We have all held conversations with someone who decided to expand their horizons and learn a new language. (Maybe this is your second or third round of language courses.) Why do people decide to return to language learning or attempt it in the first place? Because is it fun! It makes us feel good about ourselves! Roco Belik, director of the documentary Happy, tells us that one of the secrets to happiness in life, is to continue to participate in self-growth. He says that through self-improvement, we tend to find a larger meaning to life, a shared sense of purpose to our time spent together. Learning a different language can be a secret to happiness!

Growing up, my home was a magical mix of English and Spanish, and it eventually led to a career in teaching language. My mother (a native Colombian) and my father (a Kentuckian enamored with Hispanic culture) accepted a challenge when they decided not only to master each other’s language, but also to raise two daughters in a bilingual home. With both parents as devout teachers, I grew to truly enjoy languages, with their funny misunderstandings and the epiphany of clear communication (a lot can be lost in translation…as some of us may know!). The notion of shared ideas and feelings, of reaching a deeper level of understanding of another person’s intent, is a joy that every person should have the opportunity to savor. Consider NCE your resource to this experience.

For those who are interested in enrolling in the spring semester Spanish I course, we are focusing on the following most essential expressions for travel and communication:

  • Introductory expressions
  • Sharing about your family and friends
  • Using numbers
  • Talking about your house
  • Getting around town
  • Describing places and things
  • Dinner at a restaurant with friends

The program continues with a summer session of Spanish II, whose topics are as follows:

  • Everyday life
  • Your time at work
  • Fun and entertainment
  • Healthy bodies
  • Using the phone and making appointments
  • Mastering your way around town

I encourage you to stretch your horizons.  This course is designed to please. It is a time to do something nice for yourself. Come, join a class, and be happy!

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