Winter 2015 Catalog

By Sadie Meaher

Did you know? Right before the start of every semester, we send our mailing list comprised of students, partners, and sponsors our new class catalog. It’s chock-full of great information like upcoming classes, events such as our Coco and Classes, and the most up-to-date program information from our Executive Director. Wow, that’s a great deal of information! I want to show you some of the work that goes into making the catalog before it arrives at your home.

We are proud we can offer you incredibly diverse classes in everything from career development to learning a new hobby. As classes continue throughout the current semester our Programs Coordinator, Philip Stoecklien, works to recruit current and new instructors for the upcoming semester. This is a long process of securing times, dates, locations, class descriptions, and other pertinent information. Once all of the class details are finalized, we begin the process of catalog design.

If you are a long time student of NCE, no doubt you have seen our catalog improvements. Over the past few years we have worked to improve the catalog format, restructure class categories, include a class index, and improve the overall catalog design. As the Communications Coordinator, it is my responsibility to design the layout of the catalog. This is a month long process of finding the right pictures, imputing all the class information, coordinating staff, and finally managing the printing process. After the print catalog is complete, we move onto digital catalog. The digital catalog has to be formatted for our website with all class links correctly inputted, and receive approval from Metro IT for final website publication our website

Once every stage is complete, there is nothing better than seeing the completed catalog in print. The entire office is excited and downright giddy when all those boxes of catalogs finally arrive! We love getting calls and e-mails from eager and excited students asking about the new catalog and classes. It’s nice to know the catalog is something you look forward to receiving. We only wish we could see your face when it finally arrives in your mailbox!

The Winter semester begins January 20th. You can expect the catalog to arrive in mid-December, giving you plenty of time to review the class listing and sign up for your favorite classes. Oh, and if you are interested in learning more about the classes coming this Winter, join us for Coco and Classes sponsored by the Bang Candy Company January 5th-7th from 5:00 PM-7:00 PM at the Cohn School.

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