A Word from our NCAC Intern

Jasmine Bratton NCE Inter Summer 2014
NCAC Summer 2014 Intern, Jasmine Bratton, at the NCE receptionist desk being a pro on the phones.

By Jasmine Bratton

My name is Jasmine Bratton, and for the month of June, I am the Nashville Career Advancement Center (NCAC) intern for Nashville Community Education. This past January, with the support of my Leadership II teacher, I submitted an application for the Metro Summer Internship Program, which is offered to juniors in Nashville and Davidson County. After going through a short interview process and many long days of training, I started working for Nashville Community Education. I work Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 1:30pm or 3:30pm, twenty hours a week. So far, the experience has been a great one!

I had never had a job before, so working as a receptionist in the office was interesting the first few days. Taking calls from strangers became less intimidating the more calls I got, and the binder at my desk with all the instructions on what to say and what to answer when someone calls helped a lot. By the second week here, I was a Pro with the phone. Every day I work with our online registration software to register people for classes, which made it easier to have all of the classes organized. I also help gather information on entertainment for our Open Houses in August, and I’m looking forward to being a volunteer for at least one of them. During my time working here at Nashville Community Education, I have gained valuable experience and learned important lessons to prepare myself for my incoming adult life.

When the Internship is over, I plan to spend more time at home and work on my summer AP Chemistry, AP English, and AP Economics, and Government homework. I am very excited for my senior year at Antioch High School, and I can’t wait to pick a college to attend for four long years.  I’m glad my teacher encouraged me to apply for this Internship because working at Nashville Community Education has been a great experience and an even greater first job.

Jasmine Bratton is a rising senior at Antioch High School who is enjoying her first internship as NCE’s NCAC summer intern. She is excited to learn more about city leadership and education services in the Nashville community.


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