Finishing the Year

Our semester of Winter 2014 classes comes to an end this week after 14 long weeks of fiddling, hula-hooping, canning, sewing, line dancing, fencing, belly dancing, cooking and much more. Not only is the semester ending, but our 2013-2014 year is also coming to a close. This has been our biggest year yet as Nashville Community Education with almost 2,000 students, over 300 classes, and 160 instructors.

FY2014 Collage 1

We’ve reached some major department milestones this year and received much recognition for our hard work. This year we….

FY2014 Collage 2

Thank you to all of our instructors for sharing your skills, knowledge, and talents with the Nashville community.

Thank you to all of our community partners for sharing your staff and time with out students.

And finally, thank you to all of our students who support community education by returning semester after semester to take advantage of Nashville Community Education’s professional and personal enrichment opportunities.

Let’s make this next year even bigger!

FY2014 Collage 3


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