LERN Conference 2013 Preview

Every year Nashville Community Education sends staff to the Learning Network (LERN) Conference. LERN is an international association of lifelong learning programming, offering information and resources to providers of lifelong learning programs. The conference is held annually in a different major United States city for three days.

This year’s conference is to be held November 21-23 in San Francisco, CA. Our Executive Director, Lovette Curry, and Communications Coordinator, Lauren Zimmerman, will attend the conference. Lauren shared a few words about her excitement for the upcoming conference below.

“As our department communications coordinator, it is a constant challenge for me to balance all of the technology available for social media, digital communications, websites, and more when that approach might currently be overreach for our department, our students, and our community. As an example, it is impractical at this point to announce class cancellations on Twitter or Facebook and assume that everyone received the notice. This is where LERN can help. I look forward to learning more about balancing new technology with our current communications needs. How do I bridge a long-time traditional community education program into the future? How can I best begin to integrate digital communications into our work?

As the department researcher, I am also looking forward to learning better ways to analyze change and use data to determine progress. What are the most efficient data points to track? What data will matter the most ten years from now? What are some simple tests that I can run every week to take progress assessments throughout the semester

I look forward to learning more about all of these things, meeting my peers in the community education field, hearing from leaders, and more!”

Look for a post from our Executive Director about what we’ve learned after the conference and what we hope to do with some of these new ideas for programming, managing, communications, and research.

  • Lauren Zimmerman – Lauren Zimmerman is a native of Middle Tennessee and a graduate of Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics. Lauren first served a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA with Community Education. After her year of service, she joined the department officially as the Communications Coordinator, responsible for managing all print and digital media, department websites, external communications, and social media.

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