Phlebotomy & Medical Billing Training in Nashville


Are you looking for a career change?

Are you currently working in the medical field, but looking to advance your career?

Are you an employer looking to provide advanced training for your employees?

This Fall we will be offering a brand new series of classes designed to help those looking to join the Boston Reed has been providing affordable training to busy adults seeking a new career in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. Whether you recently graduated high school or are busy working full-time, Boston Reed will give you the hands-on training to get you working fast.medical field or improve their current place in the

workforce. Through a partnership withBoston Reed College we will be offering three classes on emerging careers in the medical field. This Fall at NashvilleCommunity Education you will find a Phlebotomy Technician Program on site at our Cohn location. We will also be offering an Electronic Health Record Specialist Program and a Billing and Coding Specialist Program online. The onlineprograms are composed of classes and seminars that you take on your personal computer.


Phlebotmy Technician

Boston Reed’s Phlebotomy Technician program educates you in obtaining blood samples from patients in a clincal laboratory or public health setting. The program combines 64 hours of classroom instruction with a 40-hour phlebotomy internship with practical experience. Over the course of four months, you will gain exposure to on-the-job duties that include drawing blood samples from patients, producing quality laboratory results, gaining the trust and confidence of patients, and much more. At the end of the course, you will be prepared for the certification exam.

Electronic Health Record Specialist

The Electronic Health Record Specialist Program has an online curriculum that will teach you to choose, implement, train, and maintain electronic health record systems and prepare you for a national certification exam. You will gain 216 hours of online instruction with live-weekly instructor-led webinars to virtually meet and learn with your classmates.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act requires hospitals and physicians to switch to electronic medical records by 2013. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the need for Electronic Health Reocrds Professionals is expected to grow 20% through 2018. Be on the cutting edge of a growing healthcare profession.

Billing and Coding

As a Billing and Coding Specialist, you will accurately record and process data about patients such as treatment records, insurance information, and bills and payments received. You will code a patient’s diagnosis and request payment from the insurance company or directly from the individual. A Billing and Coding Specialist maywork in a hospital, doctor office, or other healthcare institution. This online program is 115 hours with live, bi-weekly teleconferences.

Financial Assitance at Boston Reed

Learn about available financial assistance options by calling Boston Reed College at (866) 585-0009 or by visiting their website at

How to Register

Visit the Boston Reed page of our website  to learn more about registration, to begin the process with Boston Reed, to find answers to your questions, and more.

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