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More classes are on the schedule this month! Keep learning new hobbies and professional skills. Start the home-buying process. Move from sewing pillowcases to sewing pajama pants. Continuez apprendre le français! And much more. See the full list of classes starting this month below: (Click the class name to learn more and register online)


guitar1 1For more information about these classes and even more coming up in April, click the class title or click to our Winter 2014 Class Catalog. The semester isn’t even half-way over yet, so find something to bring you out of the gray of Winter into Spring!

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Learning from LERN



By Lovette Curry

Every year, Nashville Community Education attends the annual LERN conference to connect with other community education programs throughout the nation and learn about trends in our industry. This is a great professional development opportunity for the department. This year the annual LERN conference was in San Francisco, CA. We were also excited to attend the conference this year in order to receive our LERN Award. We were selected as a winner out of over 1000 nominees for Excellence in Website and Marketing. I was so excited for our department to be acknowledged and encouraged by the LERN award selection committee. We have been working extremely hard over the past several years to improve our overall brand awareness and create a strategic marketing strategy and it was definitely nice to have that work celebrated!

During the conference this year we learned a lot of great information on both traditional and digital marketing, as well as ways to build new partnerships and programs for the community. Here are some of my top takeaways from the conference:

    1. Digital Marketing is important but you have to make sure your marketing strategy is inclusive and not exclusive by using both traditional mediums as well as digital
    2. Give class pricing careful consideration
    3. Engage your community to understand the community needs and program accordingly
    4. Continue to try new and interesting classes
    5. Evaluate everything! Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate!

These are just some of the highlights from all the great information I learned at the conference. The LERN conference was a great experience, and I am excited to share this information with you and the department to make sure we keep learning and growing in the right direction.

  • Lovette Curry - Lovette Curry, a Nashville native, earned a bachelor’s in Business Administration from Howard University in Washington, DC and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Southern California Gould School of Law in Los Angeles, CA. While working in education reform, government, and law, Lovette has honed her skills in policy development and implementation as well as community relations and program management.

Community Ed at Wright Middle

By Lauren Zimmerman

This Fall Nashville Community Education began expanding into the Nashville community by opening a new location at Antioch High ImageSchool. Recently, the principal of Wright Middle School reached out to us and through this new partnership we will be offering classes at Wright Middle School in the Glencliff area during the upcoming Winter semester. Below, our Executive Director answers some questions about NCE expansion.

Why did you choose this year to start expanding into the community?

NCE has always had a mission to provide our classes to the entire Nashville area.  We have been able to grow our Cohn location to over 1500 students a year, so I felt we were at a place where we could handle expansion to new locations.

What have you learned from the first semester at Antioch High School?

Antioch was a great learning experience for the team. We were able to see first-hand the differences between each neighborhood. Antioch taught us that we have to develop a marketing strategy for instructors and students that is specific to each new area.

What are your goals for the program at Wright Middle School?

My hope for Wright is that we are able to engage parents of the school, as well as community members from the surrounding areas. I hope we become a resource for all the diverse members of the community and that we are able to provide classes that are beneficial to our students.  Additionally, I hope that we are able to build a model partnership that can be replicated throughout Nashville and other areas.

Where do you see expansion going from here?

Expansion for NCE is a delicate balance of partnership, opportunity, and resources. We plan to eventually serve all areas of Nashville. We currently serve West Nashville and Southeast Nashville. I would like to expand to North Nashville as well as East Nashville in the near future. However, we have to plan as a team to develop the best plan for future expansion to other areas.

Look for our catalog and more updates in early December!

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  • Lauren Zimmerman – Lauren Zimmerman is a native of Middle Tennessee and a graduate of Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics. Lauren first served a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA with Community Education. After her year of service, she joined the department officially as the Communications Coordinator, responsible for managing all print and digital media, department websites, external communications, and social media.

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